Idle time customizable recording has been added to obdEdge’s cellcontrol device to collect idle time data for fleet managers.

Cellcontrol also ties into a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port to transmit a signal to a driver’s phone when the vehicle is moving, preventing calling, texting or other distracted driver behaviors.

“The cellcontrol device is the first product on the market to help fleet operations prevent its commercial drivers from using a mobile device while also holding them accountable to excess fuel usage when they leave their company vehicle idling for long periods of time,” said Leigh Gilly, vp of business development. “With typical idle times of 18%, fleet owners using cellcontrol will save millions of dollars in fuel savings annually while ensuring their drivers comply with the recent driving while distracted ban put in place by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation."

The idle data is customizable with reports gathered at a set time or on demand.