The release of IDSC MatchAdvice Version 6.0 can cut empty miles by as much as 15% while improving capacity utilization, TMW Systems said.

The update provides power-to-load matching and integrates with all major commercial dispatch systems as well as custom or in-house systems. The software reduces dwell and in-transit delays in addition to empty miles, providing more effective use of drivers and equipment, the company said.

“By matching the right trucks with the right loads in the context of the entire freight network, IDSC MatchAdvice helps carriers maximize profitability in any load planning or dispatching process,” said David McKinney, vp of professional services.

Working in real-time, the program presents load planners or dispatchers with suggested load and power matchups calculated to generate the highest profit while improving asset placement by using such business metrics as available and needed driver hours; customer delivery or pickup requirements and windows; driver home time needs; and movement of the truck to reduce overall empty miles.

Included is shift-based driver scheduling to optimize fleets that operate in scheduled shifts.