As more electronic devices are placed inside commercial vehicles, from smartphones, to tablets, to GPS devices, providing power and securing those devices can become a task.

The new Elite Socket from Tallon is a mounting solution designed to provide power for the devices where it’s needed while securing the devices. The Elite Socket comes with USB and 12V connections. It is a “plug and play” product that easily mounts, removes, and relocates electronics that need power as well as data to function.

The Elite Socket can be mounted nearly anywhere on a vehicle and is compatible with 24-volt systems, Tallon said. It can also accommodate a large variety of mounting solutions including Ram Mount accessories.

The Ram Mount enables any model of smartphones, tablets or personal computers to be easily mounted to the Elite Socket using the extension range of RAM Mounts available.

When not in use, the Elite Socket can be closed up for a clean, flush finish.

“Whether you’re a truck driver, courier, contractor or just someone who spends a lot of time in a vehicle, a Tallon Elite Socket will go a long way in keeping your device powered and securely mounted,” said Duncan Good, general manager. “The advent of mapping applications such as the TomTom App for iPad/iPhone and shipping and logistics tracking devices means that electronic devices and becoming common place in vehicles today.”