A new mobile application for the iPhone will transmit documents quickly and in high quality for users of Pegasus TransTech’s Transflo Now! mobile scanning solution.

According to Pegasus TransTech, the app will allow drivers to capture a document such as a signed delivery receipts, logs, or bill of lading, and send multiple copies of that document to the back office. The company said the document is delivered in the same format and same quality as a document sent via Transflo Express truck stop scanning or Transflo Now! anywhere scanning from a laptop or PC.

The mobile app software will automatically detect document edges, crops the image, and converts it to true black and white for best results.

For fleets that already use either Transflo Express or Transflo Now! products, the new app requires no additional start-up fees.

“We also wanted the process to be simple so that fleets do not incur training costs and drivers aren’t faced with hassle,” said Bob Helms, chairman & CEO. “There is no training required to use or download our simple app.”

The app allows indexing so drivers can provide additional information such as load or trailer number as needed. In addition, the application allows drivers to select a document type for each document they are sending.

A unique confirmation number is displayed and sent to the driver’s email address upon successful transmission.