A deal between Rand McNally and DriverTech, in which Rand McNally will take an ownership stake in DriverTech, will bring a new long-haul fleet management solution to the market.

DriverTech specializes in in-vehicle mobile computing technology. The new solution, TruckPC, will be powered by DriverTech over the company’s secure onboard computing platform. It will utilize Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute TND truck navigation solution.

“We are pleased to offer this leading edge solution to the commercial transportation market,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally. “DriverTech’s proprietary in-cab computing technology is the result of 15 years of development and a keen understanding of the commercial transportation market. Coupled with Rand McNally’s industry leading navigation and proprietary truck specific road data, TruckPC provides a comprehensive system to manage assets and optimize profitability for fleets of all sizes.”

The two companies will co-develop products and services for the transportation and logistics markets. Rand McNally will provide sales and marketing support.

“In Rand McNally we have chosen an industry leader that provides strong brand recognition and unsurpassed accuracy in the trucking vertical,” said Mark Haslam, founder & CEO of DriverTech. “DriverTech will continue to work with clients in the military and emergency sector while collaborating with Rand McNally on engineering and product development in the trucking sector.”

TruckPC will offer Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute TND truck GPS devices which feature the company’s proprietary truck data. It also offers a simplified user interface, text to speech directions, multi-stop route optimization, lane guidance, posted speed limit warnings and automatic driver assistance (ADAS).

The solution also includes a comprehensive hours-of-service program; Windows Embedded Standard 2009 platform; established integration with leading third-party dispatch and management monitoring systems; cost-saving mobile communications and automatic vehicle location capabilities with three methods of communication: WiFi, wireless, and satellite; streamlined mobile communications; and in-cab video training and content sharing that allows for the wireless transfer of documents.

Rand McNally will also offer a high-grade scanner to complement the system. The scanner is designed to optimize the size of the file to enable smaller file transmission.