ATL Construction has chosen Dossier software to help it manage its fleet of 26 trucks plus excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, Bobcats as well as dump and flatbed trailers.

“We were band-aiding everything,” Mark Denholm, ATL’s sales manager, said. “We want to manage the fleet and make sure we’re getting the best utilization. We want to know which parts of the fleet need attention. We want to ascertain which units are costing more than they’re worth.”

East Bridgewater, MA-based ATL also holds a number of snow-plowing contracts to keep its fleet working year-round.

Dossier fleet maintenance management software, from Arsenault Associates, can establish benchmarks, like cost-per-mile for vehicles and cost-per-hour for equipment, making it possible to assess the overall efficiency of any given asset, Arsenault said. It also can pinpoint recurring repairs and part replacements on any given piece of equipment.