A new fuel and service card from Networkfleet offers more complete information on fuel purchases as well as monthly and year-to-date reporting to help fleets control costs.

In partnership with Wright Express, Networkfleet is offering the Fuel and Service card with integrated fuel card reporting. The card, accepted at 160,000 fuel and 45,000 service locations nationwide, is compatible with Networkfleet’s GPS fleet tracking system.

The card offers more control over fuel expenses through detailed reporting, including cost per mile and miles per gallon analyses. It includes purchase alerts and controls so fleet managers can track expenses.

The fuel card also integrates with reports offered by Networkfleet in conjunction with Wright Express. The Fuel Guard Report lets users compare the location/time the fuel was purchased with the vehicle location/time to determine if the proper vehicle was being fueled or if there was a potential fraud event. The Fuel Card Transactions Report allows the user to see all fuel transactions during a specific period of time as well as details regarding those transactions, including location, gallons, and total cost.

“By integrating Networkfleet wireless fleet management with fuel purchase reporting, fleet managers are able to collect concrete data and implement changes that will have a major impact on reducing fuel expenses. Networkfleet is delighted to expand our relationship with Wright Express to offer this new capability,” said Keith Schneider, president & CEO of Networkfleet. “The new fuel cards provide the ultimate in security and control while being easy to use and widely accepted by service stations.”