A new software product is said to help third-party logistics (3PL) providers improve the delivery of shipments during the “last mile” by automating the process. Transport Perform for Third Party Logistics providers, from Airclic, is a mobile Software-as-a-Service product offering “360-degree real-time visibility into the who, what, where, when and why of logistics operations.”

“The skyrocketing price of fuel is driving 3PL providers to examine how to operate more efficiently and be more productive – without increasing costs,” said Mike Lee, CEO of Airclic. “The most demanding 3PLs rely on Transport Perform to increase delivery performance and control costs, which are critical components to long-term success and strong customer relationships in this competitive industry.”

According to Airclic, the product improves visibility to allow for more informed, data-driven decision-making; offers efficiencies across logistics operations to increase productivity and reduce fuel, call center, and overtime costs; and improves customer retention and loyalty by improving on-time deliveries.

Among its benefits, Airclic said, is the ability to complete proof-of-delivery and chain-of-custody documentation; dispatch control of routes; GPS tracking and geo-fencing; route reconciliation; piece-level tracking and reconciliation; productivity and performance reports; and delivery reports.

The product is available now and uses Airclic’s scalable SaaS platform for deployment to any mobile device.