Networkfleet has debuted a new interface for its fleet tracking software to support rapid subscriber growth, the company said. The interface will allow fast and easy access to detailed vehicle performance and fleet tracking information; larger maps; more reports; and easy, intuitive navigation.

The end result will be 50% fewer mouse clicks to accomplish the same tasks as before, Networkfleet said.

While powerful enough for large fleets, smaller fleets can also take advantage of the interface. Integrated help and online video training will aid fleets in getting up and running quickly, said the firm.

The new interface offers intuitive navigation; vehicle dashboard with at-a-glance views of vehicle information such as location and engine diagnostic data; full-screen maps; and reporting data for items such as idle time, fleet utilization, stop details and more.

“We designed this new user interface to work the way our customers work, while also building a platform that will accommodate rapid growth in the number and size of Networkfleet customers,” said Keith Schneider, president & CEO. “This new design gives more power to fleet managers by making critical data easily accessible. Together with our bundled pricing and three-year warranty, fleets can immediately start experiencing the benefits of wireless fleet management.”

A short demonstration video is available at