Old Dominion Freight Line is now using Intelek Technologies Corp.’s StripMiner EDI Screen Scraper Software, a web-based load gathering solution. It will automatically accept loads or generate transactions based on information pulled from shipper and logistic company’s web sites using predefined processing rules.

Integrated with its enterprise transportation management and internal Electronic Data Interchange platform, Old Dominion expects to save time and costs with the total solution.

“EDI is a critical part of our data exchange offerings,” said Thomas Hall, integration architect on the e-Commerce Team at Old Dominion. “While our larger customers typically have their own EDI infrastructure, StripMiner makes it possible for us to work with smaller customers to manage EDI interactions much more effectively. It’s a very good fit for us because it saves time and money, and lets us make EDI capability available to any customer easily, accurately and effectively.”

Old Dominion is a less-than-truckload regional carrier that provides coverage through 210 service centers with over 5,500 tractors and more than 21,000 trailers.

The company said StripMiner has saved countless man-hours by eliminating data retrieval and entry needs. For a single new customer, it has cut 40 hours of time previously spent on programming interaction with a customer’s web content.