A new series of supply chain training courses is being offered from supply chain consulting services firm enVista.

The enRichment series can be tailored to meet an organization’s goals and unique operations. The training includes an executive-level series for business leaders and can cover a variety of topics.

Interactive trainings are conducted at client facilities for small groups through teams of up to 20 people. As part of the trainings, teams develop a roadmap for how to incorporate lessons learned within their operation, and participants receive workbooks customized to their specific organizational training.

“We have seen numerous benefits from bringing trainings to the client, including cross-function communication and collaboration,” said Jim Barnes, enVista president & CEO. “Teams are able to dialogue openly without being concerned about divulging propriety information. And lessons learned are actually implemented, instead of resting with a few individuals, or remaining in a workbook on a shelf.”

More information on the trainings is available at http://www.envistacorp.com/thought_leadership.htm. To request an enRichment course catalog or to register for a training session, contact Cindy Essex at 877-684-7700 ext. 221 or email enrichment@envistacorp.com.