In-cab video and fleet management system provider DriveCam said it filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against SmartDrive Systems in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California asserting that SmartDrive infringes on a number of DriveCam’s U.S. patents.

DriveCam asserts in its lawsuit that aspects of SmartDrive’s products and services violate patents U.S. Patents 6,389,340, 7,804,426 and 7,659,827 granted to DriveCam covering technologies related to running a video-based driver management service, including the technology to obtain exception-based video, to effectively review video based events, and to manage a driver risk program that includes the ranking and scoring of drivers.

DriveCam added that it’s asking the Court to prevent SmartDrive from improperly using these patents now and in the future, along with a request for monetary damages.