Consumers who need to rent a truck but are not at a computer can now ensure they can get the vehicle they want by utilizing their smartphone.

Penske Truck Rental has unveiled a new mobile website available at that allows anyone to make rental reservations. The mobile app works on iPhones, Android phones, and BlackBerry 6.0 phones.

“The number of mobile visitors to our consumer truck rental website has tripled in the last year,” said Brandie Searle, director – interactive marketing. “With smartphone ownership more than doubling in the last two years the time was right to introduce a mobile version for our customers.”

The mobile website has been designed with larger navigational items, simple icons, and minimal text, Penske said. The site also will locate the nearest Penske site or to contact a representative for roadside assistance.

“Our usability studies indicate our mobile version will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to reserve a Penske moving truck and any other moving accessories and supplies using a smartphone,” said Searle.

The site was designed by Acquity Group.