PHOENIX. A multi-bus adapter that can connect to both J1708 and J1939 vehicle data busses increases the amount of information available for PeopleNet’s onboard computing system as well as allows integration with advanced safety systems. The adapter was announced here at the annual ATA convention.

The newer J1939 bus, which provides a broader pipeline for engine and vehicle data, is slowly replacing the older data connection with some 2010 engines eliminating the J1708 bus. The new PeopleNet adapter gives users of the company’s onboard systems flexibility to collect data from either or both networks, COO Brian Mclaughlin told FleetOwner.

Developed for PeopleNet by Noregon, the adapter now allows the company’s system to capture a broader array of vehicle operating data, including running time in top gear and cruise mode, engine load information and even seat-belt use. It also accommodates real-time integration with stability control systems from Bendix and Meritor/Wabco, and allows the PeopleNet onboard system to present and capture data from lane departure warning systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and onboard cameras, according to the company.

A direct connection for a PTO switch is also incorporated in the new multi-bus adapter, providing more accurate PTO monitoring for fuel tax reporting and driver efficiency measurement.