A series of eight videos have been released by Prophesy Transportation Solutions. The series focuses on different sections of the trucking and logistics software solutions company’s web-based, pay-as-you-go Prophesy OnDemand solution.

OnDemand is designed for small trucking companies and brokers. The videos will focus on the software’s features.

“We are happy to launch this comprehensive video series focused on our new web-based TMS solution,” said Prophesy vice president & general manager Bill Ashburn. “These videos allow small trucking companies and brokers to have a truly self-service experience while evaluating Prophesy OnDemand if they so choose. Of course our staff is at the ready to help them along the way to determine if OnDemand is a fit for their operation or if they would be better serviced by our more robust TMS solutions such as Prophesy Dispatch or Prophesy Transport.”

The videos cover dispatch; accounting; rating; LTL & cross-docking; best fit; reporting; track & trace, EDI and ACE; and mileage & routing and IFTA fuel tax.

The videos can be viewed at www.prophesyondemand.com/demos