Telogis has released an updated version of its Telogis Route 3.0 route-optimization software. Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service product, Route 3.0 utilizes Telogis’ patent-pending “advanced territories” technology.

“Other routing tools on the market require the customer to create hard-lined geographic borders that limit routes to being sequenced within those boundaries,” said Newth Morris, president, Telogis Route. “This approach is very time-consuming, often requires an onsite expert, does not take into account dynamic variables such as holidays, business hours and customer requests, does not support frequency-based service visits and results in extremely inefficient routes. With Telogis Route 3.0 we’re able to loosen those geographic constraints to ensure the most intelligent and cost-efficient routing scenarios while also taking into account all of the other variables that drivers and customers encounter each day.”

Telogis Route 3.0 provides direct visibility into the costs of running a fleet, Telogis said. Users can track costs for created routes and it includes an “immediate feedback on costs” feature for instant evaluation of routes based on fixed and variable costs, fuel costs, labor costs and other variables.

It also provides full support for business constraints such as driver specialties, customer availability and equipment available on a truck, Telogis said. Route 3.0 integrates with the Telogis Fleet GPS-based fleet management system, Telogis Progression work order management platform and Telogis Mobile handheld application.