Eleos Technologies has expanded its Drive Axle product line to offer smartphone-based scanning solutions for both large and small fleets.

For larger fleets, Eleos’ Drive Axle Large Fleet edition allows the scanning and indexing of documents on a driver’s smartphone at the point of delivery. The solution then transmits the document directly to the company’s enterprise document management system almost instantaneously.

“Retrieving freight documents from drivers is slow and costly for most large trucking companies,” said Kevin Survance, CEO. “Many fleets have made extensive investment in enterprise document management systems, but are still stuck using costly overnight envelopes and public fax machines to retrieve freight documents from truck drivers. We’re proud to offer a mobile scanning solution that will empower many fleets to capture that elusive prize: same-day billing.”

Drive Axle’s mobile document scanning can be joined with document management, fleet management, dispatch, and billing systems such as those offered by Qualcomm, PeopleNet, Rand McNally, Microdea, docStar, ebe, TMW Systems, McLeod Software, and Manhattan Associates.

Eleos also offers cloud-based storage, allowing fleets to avoid the cost of storing images, Survance noted.

“Our cloud storage rates are incredibly compelling, and many CIOs will prefer that we store the document images in Drive Axle and make them available to back office applications via our comprehensive Web Service API. Both original and enhanced versions of the images are stored and documents can be retrieved, edited, indexed and searched via the API,” he said.

For smaller fleet operators, Eleos is offering Drive Axle Small Fleet Edition.

Small Fleet scans and transmits documents from the drivers’ smartphones and transmits PDF files directly to the online Document Inbox, where they can be reviewed, indexed, emailed, or downloaded. The system supports multiple users and provides a simple workflow for processing and archiving incoming documents. Optional features are available for uploading documents from PCs and scanning documents to Drive Axle directly from office scanners.

“Fleet owners can process freight documents from any web browser,” Survance said. “Some of our biggest fans are owner/operators with multiple drivers who use Drive Axle to collect freight documents and do their billing from the road.”