Fleet managers looking to eliminate distractions inside the cab have a new device at their disposal with the integration of two popular tools designed to manage driver behavior.

Zonar, which provides vehicle telematics solutions, and ZoomSafer, which offers FleetSafer policy management solutions, have combined to provide a single integrated solution that combines the monitoring of cell phone use and vehicle data.

“Employees who use mobile phones to text, email, and browse the web while driving are not only a danger to themselves, but also pose a significant risk and liability to their employers,” said ZoomSafer CEO Matt Howard. “Together, ZoomSafer and Zonar are providing companies with innovative and effective tools to prevent employees from distracted driving.”

FleetSafer Mobile is software available for BlackBerry and Android smartphones that automatically prevents texting, emailing, and web browsing while a vehicle is in motion. Combined with FleetSafer Vision, a cloud-based analytics service that combines telematics data with details of employee mobile phone use, fleets are able to monitor risky behavior by their drivers.

Now, Zonar’s telematics data, which includes real-time vehicle location and engine data such as speed, fuel efficiency, and fault codes, will be combined with the FleetSafer solutions to offer fleets a more complete picture of driver behavior.

“Throughout the last decade Zonar has provided fleets with innovative tools for managing fleet safety and operations,” said Chris Oliver, Zonar’s vp of sales & marketing. “We are excited to partner with ZoomSafer to offer our customers additional ways to improve fleet safety and reduce the risk and challenges created by cell phone use while driving.