A new video library being offered from Xantrex Technology builds upon its successful Tech Doctor editorial series. Tech Doctor Live, which resides on the Xantrex YouTube channel, addresses common questions that end-users and installers may have regarding electronic products and power systems.

“We launched the Tech Doctor program two years ago to address common concerns and questions that end-users, installers and DIYers had regarding electronic products and power systems situated aboard boats, trucks and RVs,” said Xantrex marketing manager Mitul Chandrani. “Editors and technical writers in multiple industries have been highly complimentary of the content and have utilized this service and reproduced it for their respective audiences, to great success. Due to the positive demand and response generated, we decided to expand the offering on our YouTube channel.”

A wide range of topics have been repurposed for the video channel, with more planned for the future in both print editorial and video applications, Xantrex said. Each topic is explored in a Q&A format.

Among the topics covered in the Tech Doctor series are battery chargers, maximizing your electrical system, and inverters vs. generators.