Just like doctors who use historical medical records to better treat a patient, truck technicians who have access to maintenance records can better diagnose and repair truck problems. A new function in the popular Dossier fleet maintenance management software from Arsenault Associates aims to do just that.

Instant Recall immediately and automatically displays a vehicle’s maintenance history the moment a new repair order is initiated.

“Access to previous repair data before work begins makes for better, quicker decisions and has proven to drive rework and related costs to its knees,” said Charles Arsenault, CEO of Arsenault Associates. “Instant Recall is a game-changer.”

Recent repair information and general maintenance information is displayed on a panel. It automatically updates each time additional information is added to that vehicle’s electronic record.

By keeping a historical record, technicians can quickly identify if the repair work has previously been performed on the vehicle and when. He can also see the repair reasons and what parts were installed, and can even see a specific previously completed repair order or complete repair history.

“Every fleet maintenance manager knows that rework is the most expensive and time-consuming work any fleet maintenance shop can perform,” Arsenault explained. “A review of past maintenance histories can reduce rework and capture warranty dollars, but all too often that review is skipped.”

Instant Recall automatically identifies and displays previous work performed on a piece of equipment that matches the work about to be performed, Arsenault said, providing instant access to past repair order data at general or detailed levels before new work begins.

Instant Recall uses VMRS (vehicle maintenance reporting Standards) codes.