Trucking software supplier Tenstreet LLC is launching a new online directory designed to provide the trucking industry with the fax numbers needed to process truck drivers’ previous employment verifications.

Dubbed simply the “Tenstreet Directory,” it contains fax numbers and contact information for thousands of carriers and is available free to everyone, according to the company, helping fleets save time and effort in their hiring and verification processes.

Tim Crawford, president of Tenstreet, added that this online directory expands daily with new fax numbers, and it can be updated in real time. “It’s designed to solve the time-consuming problem of finding the correct fax number at a driver’s previous employer,” he explained. “It keeps often needed information in one concise location to make each recruiting department’s job quicker and easier.”

To access the directory, go to, click on the “Tenstreet Xchange” tab, and then the “Tenstreet Director” to search. Users are invited to provide additional company names and fax numbers, as well as notify the company any updates to existing fax numbers, Crawford noted.