A revised version of TMW System’s Freight Analyst browser-based software package is being rolled out for use with most major commercial trucking programming platforms, either Windows or AS/400-IBM I, to help fleets better integrate activity-based costing, revenue data, the impact of timing in areas like service performance and driver hours of service (HOS).

Additional capabilities for TMW’s new cross-platform version of Freight Analyst include freight flow analysis to identify ongoing business improvement opportunities in daily operations and in a carrier’s sales activities, offering lane and bid pricing guidance in conjunction with TMW’s Market Rate Index to help increase overall profitability.

“Freight Analyst is designed to offer real business insight to trucking in order to maximize business margins with existing resources,” said Michael August, TMW vp &d gm. “It can deliver consultant-quality freight analysis for you daily at a fraction of the salary of trucking industry expert. In fact, it’s a very cost-effective way to add industry-leading strategic decision support for carriers with as few as 100 trucks.”

He added that Freight Analyst is a dashboard-style snapshot of business intelligence that focuses on historical load and transaction analysis for management decisions, rather than daily KPI tracking. It incorporates a set of key features from the company’s well-known IDSC Netwise software system but does not include the extensive configuration options, scenario and what-if analysis capabilities of that application in order to keep Freight Analyst simple and easy to use.

“By identifying top and bottom lanes and shippers along with ‘low-hanging fruit’-- meaning quick hits for pricing or volume improvement -- any company using the software gains a leg up on the competition,” August stressed.