A new business intelligence solution designed to more effectively manage mobile personnel has been released from GE Capital Fleet Services.

Intelligent Ops is part of GE’s (NYSE: GE) Mobile Resource Intelligence telematics program and designed to drive profitability improvements through more efficient mobile operations, GE said.

“The new Intelligent Ops solution will revolutionize the way business leaders think about and manage their mobile operations,” said Dyan Finkhousen, Mobile Resource Intelligence strategy leader. “We’re driving innovation into smart mobile technologies to help our customers exceed their business and fiscal goals and define a new standard of operational excellence.”

Intelligent Ops evaluates mobile activities and costs against pre-set goals. A simple mouse click provides operations and sales leaders information on mobile resource performance ranking by division, customer cost analysis and exception-based alerts for driver best practices. It features maps for market coverage, activity and opportunity insight at-a-glance, GE said.