To help educate technicians about the tools and features of its upcoming ProDemand repair software, Mitchell 1 has posted a video of the product management team discussing and using the product.

The video is available at

“The technician’s job is to get the car back on the road as quickly as possible and with ProDemand, we’ve made that easier for them,” said Kristy LaPage, product manager, ProDemand. “Instead of spending 20 minutes, 30 minutes, potentially hours looking through pages and pages of repair information, ProDemand gives information to the technician in just a couple of steps. In a few simple clicks, in 30 seconds or less, the technician has all of the repair information he needs.”

ProDemand provides repair information such as descriptions, procedures, specifications, and diagrams to technicians. Subscribers can also contribute to and use information from the thousands of other technicians that are using the product, making it even more pertinent and valuable to everyone, Mitchell 1 said.

“The information that Mitchell 1 has collected over the past nine decades, combined with the experience to go with it, allows ProDemand to present repair, diagnostic and maintenance information in a consistent, easy-to-understand format,” said Gary Hixson, ProDemand product manager. “Returning all of the relevant findings quickly will save time because technicians won’t have to conduct multiple look-ups to find what they need to complete the job.”

To learn more about the features of ProDemand, click here.