A new wireless diagnostic system helps technicians transfer vehicle data to a remote PC for quick and efficient diagnosis.

The Ez-Tap heavy duty wireless diagnostic system from OTC Tools provides advanced telematics, heavy-duty diagnostics, and simplified preventive maintenance data in the same VCI. The Ez-based VCI communicates with the vehicle and transfers vehicle information to a PC.

The system uses OTC’s AirBridge 2 wireless technology.

“OTC is the first aftermarket manufacturer to engineer a heavy-duty vehicle communication interface that has the ability to perform both wireless diagnostics and advanced localized telematics in one easy-to-use tool,” said Chuck Kinkade, product manager of equipment and heavy-duty tools, SPX Service Solutions, parent company of OTC. “The new system will serve to help fleet owners and technicians enhance productivity and increase their bottom line, all while promoting safety and operational efficiency on the road.”

Ez-Tap is a fully compliant RP1210a device, providing diagnostic modes of operation for J1939, J1708, and CAN protocols. With a built-in 9-pin locking connector, the Ez-Tap eliminates the need for a cable and connection to the truck is accomplished in only a few seconds.

Two separate kits are offered. One is a wireless RP1210a-compliant tool that includes a non-locking VCI, wireless adapter, and wireless driver CD. Also offered is a more advanced system with added features that allow users to monitor connected vehicle status locally and the opportunity to switch between connected vehicles.

A software kit with the advanced system allows monitoring of a vehicle’s status from a wireless hotspot.