Two interactive evaluation tools for companies considering fleet maintenance software are available for free from Arsenault Associates. The first is a detailed worksheet for calculating return on investment; the second evaluates software providers. Both can be downloaded from the Arsenault Web site.

“The economic downturn has many fleet-dependent firms looking for the means to control operating costs. Among the more popular technologies being reviewed is fleet maintenance management software,” said Arsenault CEO Charles Arsenault. “In recent months we have seen a spike in inquiries from companies anxious to reign in maintenance expenditures.”

The Maintenance Software ROI Calculator is formatted as a Microsoft Excel document. Managers simply fill in the appropriate fields to receive a projected savings over one year for an entire fleet.

The Maintenance Software Decision Matrix, also formatted as an Excel spreadsheet, offers a series of questions to ask any potential software vendor and then ranks the answers from excellent to poor, providing an overall score for each vendor.