A new wireless communication system for land-based mobile assets can also be seamlessly integrated with the company’s global coverage of ocean and air assets, according to Blue Sky Network.

Using the Iridium satellite network for 2-way wireless communications, the company’s new SkyRouter service provides near real-time locations, text messaging and sensor monitoring for trucks, off-road equipment, trains and any other land-based mobile equipment a fleet might need to manage in a single platform.

A Web 2.0 portal overlays tracking data on Google maps and allows users to customize data collection and integrate a variety of remote transceivers, according to Carlton Van Putten, BSN’s vp of marketing.

“We offer global coverage on a single network so you can track a workboat in Alaska or trucks in the jungles of Columbia,” said Van Putten. BSN has been providing its services in the ocean and air markets for seven years and is now pursuing “the land mobile market in earnest,” he told FleetOwner.

Features for the new SkyRouter service include event notification based on a fleet’s requirements, two-way email messaging, automated alerts, remote configuration and updating of transceivers and online management of fleet accounts.

The company offers a variety of vehicle-mounted and hand-held transceivers for its satellite service, and has developed a library of web-services APIs for integration with third-party software. Service costs for the land-based system start at $49/mo., according to Van Putten.