Updates to Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute and MileMaker software provide additional flexibility and customization in freight rating and truck routing, more specific routing in Mexico and more up-to-date information, the company said.

According to Rand McNally, it is now the only provider of street-level routing in Mexico through its IntelliRoute Dock2Dock software, which allows drivers to navigate more efficiently, avoid out-of-route miles and deliver more loads on time in the country.

In addition, carriers and shippers can now customize routing options for trailers that are 48 ft. or less in length, negotiating freight rates tailored to individual truck configuration or types of goods carried, Rand McNally said.

Rand McNally released 918,000 updates in December to its database, including updated and new toll roads and costs; new U.S. Zip and Canadian postal codes; new ferries and costs; and information about weigh stations, rest areas, service plazas and welcome centers. The enhancements are available free of charge to current customers.