Pegasus TransTech has released Transflo Workforce 2010 , a solution the provider said will improve efficiency and reduce costs by helping a company map and optimize virtually any business process.

Because of its cross-platform adaptability, the solution can incorporate billing, purchasing, human resources or any other area of the company that involves data, Pegasus explained. It will help map a course of action, eliminate inefficiencies and enforce rules going forward all within specified time windows.

“The introduction of Transflo Workflow 2010 offers clear cost benefits for our customers that is easy to install, support and use,” said Bob Helms, chairman & CEO of Pegasus TransTech.

The solution offers integrity of flow; consistent, repeatable processes that generate optimal results; notifies management when a scheduled event doesn’t happen on time; and measures and reports the duration of each task to manage productivity, said the supplier.

According to Pegasus,Transflo Workforce 2010 also enables a company to optimize processes, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and steps to reduce costs, increase accuracy and improve speed of service.