A new telematics solution developed by Royal Dutch Shell and Airbiquity for fleet operators in Europe is said to create a 10% fuel savings and to calculate the fleet’s fuel-related CO2 emissions in the process.

The new Shell FuelSave Partner program combines Airbiquity’s connected vehicle solutions platform with Shell’s telematic offerings. The companies recently tested key components of the program, which links Shell fuel cards with onboard technologies and a central database to generate reports based on miles driven, idle time, and more. The result, Airbiquity said, is up to a 10% savings on fuel and the ability to manage CO2 emissions on a per ton-mile basis.

“[This] illustrates Airbiquity’s expertise as a leading provider of comprehensive connected vehicle solutions that offer tangible, quantifiable value,” said Kamyar Moinzadeh, CEO & president, Airbiquity. “Reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions while also improving efficiencies is paramount for all companies. Being selected to support Shell in achieving this is especially rewarding for Airbiquity.”

The program will be rolled out across Europe this summer.

“We know how tight the margins can be for our transport customers, so we’re always looking at ways to help them manage fuel costs,” said Ruth Cairnie, vp for commercial fuels for Shell. “Shell FuelSave Partner can help deliver savings of up to 10%, but it also supports customers in monitoring fuel-related CO2 emissions in a way that makes them more manageable. This can be an important benefit for fleet managers who are under pressure to reduce their fleets’ environmental impact.”

Airbiquity will manage installation and wireless provisioning, the company said, as well as other key components of the telematics.

The subscription-based FuelSave Partner program will analyze a fleet’s fueling, vehicle and driver data to generate reports. Because the program links to Shell fuel card transactions, the reports indicate fuel consumption by individual truck and/or driver by the day, week, month or year.