A factory-installed power take-off option (PTO) on the two-speed transfer case is now an option on Kenworth Truck Co.’s all-wheel drive Class 6 T270 and Class 7 T370.

The PTO output drive comes with shift control interlocks to help safeguard PTO operation. When spec’d with an Allison transmission, a special split shift PTO programming package is included to help ensure maximum system protection and effectiveness when shifting in and out of PTO mode.

Kenworth is the first in the industry to offer a factory-installed PTO output drive on the transfer case on a medium duty chassis,” said Judy McTigue, Kenworth’s director of marketing planning and research. “This is a great option for our vocational customers who want to run their body-mounted equipment with a PTO. It’s a cost and time saver too. Those operating other brand trucks must purchase an aftermarket retro kit, which can be costly and time consuming.”

The PTO produces up to 2,200 lbs.-ft. of torque using 250 hp and running up to 3,500 rpm. It is available for the all-wheel drive Kenworth T270 and T370 with a Paccar PX-6 or Paccar PX-8 engine and a front drive axle rated from 10,000 lbs. to 16,000 lbs.