The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Assn. has issued a call to action to its members to protest efforts to extend the use of red-light cameras in Pittsburg and expand the ticketing program to other Pennsylvania cities.

The red-light program in Philadelphia is scheduled to expire at the end of the year. However, advocates of the ticket cameras are trying to make sure they are not taken down, OOIDA said. “With the program’s sunset date about two weeks away there is a last-minute rush to get a bill through the Legislature and on to the governor that would extend the expiration date by five years,” the association said in a call to action to members.

Bill HB1232 is awaiting consideration on the House floor. If approved there, it would move to the Senate. Another effort in the House – SB595 –would not only extend the Philadelphia program, but also authorize Pittsburgh, Scranton and 17 cities with populations of at least 18,000 people to post red-light cameras for the next six years, OOIDA said.

OODIA said claims by advocates that use of the red-light cameras is for safety are a misrepresentation. “Pennsylvania’s use of the enforcement tool is primarily focused on filling coffers instead of simply trying to keep people safe,” OODIA stated.

The driver association urges truckers in Pennsylvania to contact their state representative immediately “to make sure they know that voters are keeping a close eye on what decisions they make on the use of red-light cameras. Elected officials are expected to protect their constituents from efforts that do not prevent most intersection accidents and erode due-process protections.”

Contact information for Pennsylvania representatives is available at or call the OOIDA membership department at 800-444-5791 and they will look up the contact information for you.