Rotary Lift has updated its parallelogram wash bay lift package to maximize available bay space and improve product life.

The company’s complete line of parallelogram lifts has lifting capacities up to 100,000 lbs. and platform lengths from 26 to 48 ft. long. All are available with the wash bay package option.

“Parallelogram lifts are the most popular choice for truck and transit wash bays. The mechanics of the parallelogram design are ideal for positioning engine compartments beyond the ends of the lift runways to create total access for cleaning the engine and other service areas over the water reclamation pit. Parallelograms are also less sensitive than scissor lifts to the unequal loading created by this arrangement,” explained Doug Spiller, heavy duty product manager. “Our updated parallelogram lifts are also particularly well-suited to the harsh environment of the wash bay. New marine-grade paint and stainless steel feet resist corrosion caused by constant exposure to water, grime and chemicals.”

The wash bay lift includes an ALI-certified wall-mounted stainless steel control panel, allowing the unit to be installed up to 65 ft. from the lift itself.

Parallelogram lifts feature a clear floor design that provides complete vehicle access from both sides, as well as from the front and rear, with no obstructions between the legs, Rotary Lift said. Automatic wheel chocks engage when the lift is raised and release when it is lowered. The lifts are available in surface, flush mount and full recess applications.