Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) and Mack Trucks have applauded the Environmental Protection Agency’s commitment to implementing its 2010 emissions regulations as planned. The companies said they continue to stand by their technology choice, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), to meet the stricter standards.

“EPA has clearly stated that it has no intention of changing the 2010 timetable, and it’s counter-productive and misleading to suggest that the agency might change its mind in the 11th hour,” said Per Carlsson, president & CEO of VTNA. “Our focus should be on moving forward – making the industry’s transition to 2010 as smooth, efficient and uneventful as possible. That’s the only way to provide a significant benefit both to customers and the environment.”

“Volvo Trucks is fully prepared to meet these regulations on time, and with the same engine we’re offering today,” Carlsson added. “Beyond allowing us to deliver the cleanest diesel engines in the world, our proven SCR technology will provide customers with significantly improved fuel economy.”

All but one North American engine manufacturer will use SCR for the EPA 2010 regulations--Navistar will use exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), which Volvo claims will reduce engine performance and fuel efficiency.

"The development and testing of Mack's SCR solution for 2010 is in advanced stages and we are confident in our engines' enhanced performance, emission reduction and fuel savings,” said Dennis Slagle, Mack president & CEO. “We found the recent dialogue around the proposal to delay implementation of 2010 to be an unproductive distraction and often misleading. We are anxious to reach out and provide customers with as much information as possible about SCR. For that reason, we have developed a special website that includes a discussion forum called ‘Talking SCR’ to help customers learn more about an already widely utilized and accepted global technology."