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Ford Motor Co.’s medium-duty lineup for the 2013 model year will feature a gasoline powertrain spec for the F-650 truck. It includes the 6.8L, 375-hp. V10 Triton engine, which cranks out 457 lbs.-ft. of torque, and a 6-spd. 6R140 automatic transmission with double overdrive gears. The transmission is the same one used in the diesel-powered version of the F-650, the OEM notes. It is capable of running on gasoline, CNG or propane.

Rob Stevens, Ford’s chief engineer for commercial products, says the F-650 gasoline powertrain spec will be available starting sometime this summer.

Ford says it’s aiming the F-650 gasoline engine at those who are seeking a cheaper alternative for replenishing an aging fleet. The F-650 gasoline engine option is pegged to meet the operational needs of those applications without sacrificing performance.

Ford notes that the average vehicle savings for an F-650 gas model compared to F-650 trucks with diesels is $8,300. The OEM is also offering its F-650 6.8L Pro-Loader with 19.5-in. wheels and the F-650 6.8L Dock Height with 22- in. wheels.

The 2013 F-Series Super Duty will be available with a truck-specific version of Sync with MyFord Touch, offering tactile button controls and large rotating knobs to accommodate truck users who may be wearing work gloves, the OEM says. Sync is a system designed to help keep drivers better connected without them having to divert their eyes from the road, thus allowing drivers to communicate wirelessly without sacrificing safety, Ford stresses.

The Sync system is accessed with an 8-in., high-resolution touchscreen display to give drivers easy access to phone, climate control, entertainment and navigation features. The display also provides a large, clear view behind the truck when in reverse to help drivers maneuver in tight spaces or line up conventional trailers with the truck’s hitch, Ford says.