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2013 Models Class 1-3

2013 Models Class 4-7


Autocar LLC’s latest model, the E3 Advanced Series hybrid cab/chassis model, was rolled out last year. The truck is aimed specifically at the refuse market, and the OEM positions the E3 cab/chassis hybrid model as “the industry’s lowest emission, fully functional Class 8 truck available today.” 

According to Autocar, the hybrid is capable of reducing fuel consumption by 30 to 50%, with typical savings coming in at around 45%. Tom Vatter, vice president-sales & marketing, points out that fuel-economy benefit translates into a savings of up to 4,500 gals. per year for an average refuse application. He adds that with those savings comes an annual carbon dioxide reduction of some 50 tons per truck.

The trademarked Runwise hybrid module, developed by partner-supplier Parker Hannifin, replaces the traditional automatic transmission in the standard refuse model.