As part of its Reliability Solutions line, Chevron Products Co. recently introduced two new fluid management products designed to assist fleets in handling bulk fluid storage needs.

The first product is an online fluid monitoring system called EyeTank, which was developed to enable customers to maintain bulk lubricants at optimum levels.

The EyeTank system links customers through a web portal at, enabling users to get a more accurate view of lubricant stock levels and schedule replenishment before running out, thus eliminating the costs and stress associated with emergency orders and deliveries, according to Chevron.

EyeTank can also connect tank-monitoring signals to Chevron's order fulfillment systems to creating automatic email purchase order requests, reduce the time and labor required to check tank levels, simplify the fulfillment process, and more accurately validate and track deliveries, the company said.

The Isoclean Fluid ID System is a line of interchangeable lids, storage containers and accessories designed to prevent fluid contamination and reduce product misapplication, noted Chevron.

Lids are fully interchangeable, yet make it possible for lubricant grades to be color-coded with lids and matching labels. This helps ensure that the right fluid gets into the right machine, and that only clean fluids are introduced to equipment.