Paper Transport, based in Green Bay, WI, has signed a vehicle test agreement with American Power Group (APG), a subsidiary of GreenMan Technologies, to run a trial of the company's dual-fuel system. APG will collect data on the engines before and after the installation of the system.

APG's dual-fuel system converts diesel engines to run on both diesel fuel and up to 60% compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, wellhead gas, or biomethane.

“Paper Transport is a regional pioneer in the promotion of natural gas as a transportation fuel and currently operates seven dedicated natural gas trucks,” said Lyle Jensen, GreenMan's president & CEO. “Paper Transport represents an ideal opportunity for us because they are already operating natural gas vehicles and are looking for a cost-effective retrofit solution for a large portion of their remaining diesel vehicles.”

Paper Transport is a regional fleet operator with over 280 power units offering dedicated and regional routes.